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Thinkcar 2(Thinkcadriver) FAQs

Thinkcar 2(Thinkcadriver) FAQs

Q: I want to know whether my vehicle is supported.

A: 10 Modes of OBDII functions are available for all vehicles support the OBD II/EOBD protocols since 1996, which more than 100 vehicle brands. To check more details, please choose"ThinkCar Pro" and your car model to query through THINKCAR link:


Q: May I print the diagnostic and scan report of Thinkcar2 (Thinkdriver)?

A: Thinkcar2 (Thinkdriver) will generate a diagnostic report after finishing the diagnostic process. You can share the report with friends or open on PC and print with printer.


Q: What devices can download Thinkcar2 (Thinkdriver) APP?

A: Thinkcar2 (Thinkdriver) is compatible with phones and tablets with Android/IOS system, It cannot be used on WINDOWS system. For IOS , please download"ThinkCar Pro" on Apple Store. For Android system, you can download it here:


Q: What I will get without any extra charges?

A: OBD II Function can be used on all vehicles for free lifetime. Full system diagnose+ Bleed Reset+ SAS Reset are free for Three Vehicles(Three VIN) in one year.


Q:  If I need to diagnose more vehicles or more special functions?

A: $14.95/year for one more VIN(OBD+Full System+Bleed Reset+ SAS Reset)
    $9.95/year for one more reset service(for one VIN)